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Amended Proposed Agenda for January Board Meeting
By: Barbara Toy
January 20, 2005 12:40AM PDT
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This is the amended version of the proposed agenda for the Board meeting on Sunday at 5:30 p.m., with the usual potluck at 5:00. This will be the first meeting of the 2005 Board. To see the amended agenda, please click on the title.

The meetings are open to any member who wants to attend, and any member who attends will be very welcome. Because of security concerns where we meet, please notify Barbara Toy (btoy@cox.net or 714/606-1825) or Bob Buchheim (rbuchheim@compuserve.com or 949/459-7622) if you want to attend.

OCA Board Meeting

January 23, 2005






  • Installation of 2005 Board
  • Approval of September and November Minutes
  • Set March meeting date – BSC star party is 3/5, Anza star party is 3/12, General Meeting is 3/11, Easter is 3/27.  3/20 (Palm Sunday) would probably be best.
  • Financial Summary




  • Approve the expenditures for the emergency road repairs done by Gary Schones.




  • Review of current insurance policies
  • Unfinished business:

-         Anza site cleanup not completed.

-         Plans for observatory roof not completed, schedule for construction not set.

-         Schedule for installation of perimeter fence not set.

-         Ramp access to Anza House not yet completed.

-         Kuhn reconditioning not yet completed.

-         Anza planning process not yet completed.

-         Chapman University has not yet finalized the contract with OCA.

-         Library/storage cupboards at Chapman University not yet repaired.

-         Arrangements for the OCA Banquet not yet made.

  • Letters to Pad and Observatory Licensees have been completed and mailed.  Per Charlie, copies will be included in information packets for new Licensees in the future.




  • Request by Barbara Toy to be appointed Member Liaison and Dark Sky Coordinator; indemnity issues.
  • Request to confirm Barbara Toy as Observatory Custodian, and John Hoot as Kuhn Systems Consultant.
  • Request by Bill Patterson for modification of the previous approval of his observatory to allow installation of a separate control room.
  • Request by Tim Hogle for nominations for the G. Bruce Blair Award/WAA.
  • Request by John Castillo for permission to keep a tent trailer at Anza site by his pad.




  • Kuhn – status on replacement chip, other modifications.
  • Observatory roof – setting of schedule, etc. 
  • Anza site plan/Anza Planning process. 
  • Fence for Anza site – setting of schedule, etc.
  • Anza Broadband system – status on modifications/repairs (see information in email).  If Vance Tyree is unable to obtain the cable to do the repair through Craig Otis’s contact by a certain date (such as 2/28/05), does the Board want to authorize him to purchase the necessary cable and crimping tool on the open market?  Does it also want to authorize him to contract with a person who has the crimping tool to do the crimping part of the job if that would be less expensive than buying the crimping tool outright?
  • Banquet – Joel Harris was going to make the arrangements and determine the date based in part on when the facilities were available from the OC Mining Co.  No information has been received from Joel on the status of the Banquet – does the Board want to make other arrangements?




  • Anza House Coordinator – Larry Carr has not renewed his membership and cannot be reached, so a new Anza House Coordinator will be needed.  Barbara Toy can continue to collect the money from Anza House until a new Coordinator is found, but arrangements will need to be made to be sure that supplies are adequate and to do basic cleaning.
  • Anza House Cleaning Day – A member who recently stayed at Anza House for a couple days and saw it in daylight advises that the entire house needs a thorough cleaning.  He suggested that a cleaning day be set and volunteers recruited to go through and clean the entire house, including scrubbing the floors, etc., and cleaning the carpet (which is filthy).  Does the Board want to have such an activity and, if so, how is it to be organized?
  • Tent trailers left on Anza site – Who will be sending the necessary letter on behalf of the Board to the member(s) who left tent trailers on site without prior permission of the Board (Note:  See prior related agenda item in “Member Presentations”: John Castillo is requesting permission to have such a trailer).
  • Anza clean-up – one trailer load was removed on 10/16/04, a lot more needs to be cleared.  Does the Board want to set another cleanup day?  If so, who will organize it?
  • OCA booth for RTMC – a volunteer is needed to run it, as Karen Schnabel will be unavailable.
  • Set Messier Marathon – March Anza Star Party is on 3/12, and April is on 4/9.
  • Black Star Canyon site – problem with shrinking available space for observing and parking.




  • Explore the Stars – The new coordinator is Bob Nanz, who can be reached at NorthStarParty@sdaa.org or by phone at 760-751-3992.
  • Anza electrical system – status?

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