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2012 OCA Board Election Results
By: Craig Bobchin
January 21, 2012 7:37AM PDT
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Tim Hogle, who graciously volunteered to count the ballots for this year's board elections has returned the results to the current board.

The official results of the January 2012 ballot count are as follows:

President: speaker
Vice President: Greg Schedcik
Treasurer: Charlie Oostdyk
Secretary: Bob Buchheim
Trustees: Steve Short, Barbara Toy, Shelia Cassidy, Kyle Coker, Gary Schones, Alan Smallbone, Sam Saeed

I want to offer congratulations to all on your successful election. I know I leave the board in good hands and it has been an honor and privilege serving with you the past decade.

Too the membership, I would like to make one last request before I return to civilian live.

Please if you have not yet done so, get involved with the many activities the club has to offer. Our outreach program is second to none and Jim Benet has done a fantastic job of running it, but he needs our help in bringing telescopes to the schools and parks and various other outreaches. It is a very rewarding experience.

We have many special interest groups but if you find that you want to get a group together for an area they don't cover. Let the board know and they will help you figure out the best way of doing so.

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