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Come to the Astrophysics Meeting - tonight, 7/20!
By: Barbara Toy
July 20, 2007 8:19AM PDT
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This is a good meeting to come to if you're new to the Astrophysics SIG or haven't attended in a while. We're starting a new series of lectures by Alex Filippenko - new and improved, with better graphics and lots of new material. The topic tonight is light, including rainbows and halos. So come join us in our new room at the Centennial Heritage Museum, where we even have AC and a restroom in the same building!

For details and directions, please click the title.

Friday night (July 20) is a good time to join us at the Centennial Heritage Museum for the Astrophysics meeting as we will be showing the first astrophysics topics in Alex Filippenko’s new and graphically improved Astronomy series.    The topic will be light – starting with the basic properties of light leading up to Filippenko’s own discussion of wave / particle duality.   He also explains rainbows and halos.  The topic in August is the spectra of stars. 

If you haven’t  been with us for a while, we have moved to a better location within the museum complex (complete with climate control and a resthroom).  You can’t miss us as we are still adjacent to the same parking area. 

The museum is at 3101 W. Harvard St., Santa Ana.  This is about a half-block west of Fairview; Harvard is midway between Warner and Edinger.  The driveway into the complex is on the west end of the property, through wrought iron gates.  Follow the drive around to the back and park in the parking area.  We're in the bottom floor of the Carriage House, not in the classroom (which is no longer usable).

Meeting information is from Chris Buchen, Chair of the Astrophysics SIG

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