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Above: Wayne Johnson (aka Mr. Galaxy) with the Kuhn Telescope and OCA CCD camera.

Wayne Johnson is a lifelong amateur astronomer who is currently President of the Orange County Astronomers. He spends many hours observing the sky at the OCA's observatory near Anza, California. While Wayne is a very experienced visual observer, these days most of his observing is done using the OCA CCD camera, which allows him to observe objects too faint to be observed visually.

Wayne's years of experience and persistence have paid off in the form of scientific discoveries. One of his passions is looking for supernovae in galaxies. Using the Kuhn telescope, he has discovered several supernovae.

His first two supernovae were visual discoveries and were shared discoveries (i.e. credit for discovery was shared with others). However, his next three finds were all done with the OCA CCD camera, and he was credited as the sole discoverer for these.

Besides supernovae, Wayne is also credited with discovering two cometary fragments that had separated from Comet Machholz (1994R).

All of Wayne's discoveries were reported to and accepted by the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (CBAT), and were officially announced in that organization's circulars.

The Kuhn Telescope, an instrument designed, built and operated by amateur astronomers, continues to be used by OCA members such as Wayne to make discoveries that are of importance to the scientific community and that help to further our understanding of the universe.

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