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Note: Copyrights for these images belong to the photographers. To receive permission to use any image, please contact the photographer.

Comet Hale-Bopp Gallery

Thumb Description By Equipment Film
Ikeya Zhang 340KB Dan Schechter 8" Celestron Schmidt Camera 300mm fl f/1.5 unpushed e200 film
Levy, Sep 1990 77KB Michael Mirjahangir 50mm @ f/1.9 Fuji 1600
Hyakutake, ??? 23KB, 188KB Dan Schechter Minolta 50 mm f/1,4 lens. Scotchchrome 400 film
Hyakutake, 25 Mar 1996 23KB Aaron Imaoka 50mm @ f/2.8 Fuji Provia 1600 slide
Hyakutake, 27 Mar 1996 32KB Richard Saunders 28mm @ f/2.7 Kodak Gold 1000
Hyakutake, 13 Apr 1996 42KB Michael Mirjahangir 50mm @ f/1.9 Konica 3200
Hyakutake, 21 Apr 1996 18KB Aaron Imaoka 35mm @ f/2.8 Fuji Provia 1600 slide
LINEAR C/1999 S4, 2 Jul 2000 50KB Richard Greenwald 10" f/6.3 SCT SBIG ST-7E CCD
LINEAR C/1999 S4, 5 Jul 2000 50KB John Sanford 14" SCT CCD camera

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