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Photographer - Dean Jacobsen
Settings/Equipment - Celestron C-11 w/ Losmandy G-11 mount; imaged at f/3.3 using Optec 0.33 focal reducer with #12 yellow filter; SBIG ST7 CCD camera at the high-resolution setting; 40 min exposure guided by the ST7; SBIG CCDOps used for image calibration, log scaling, and sharpening. Final adjustment of levels and conversion to JPEG format in Photoshop 5.0.
Location, Date and Time - OCA site near Anza, CA; 6 Sep 1999, 02:57 PDT
Other Information - Stephan's Quintet: from upper left clockwise NGC 7319 (mag. 14.36), NGC 7318B (mag. 14.0), NGC 7318A (mag. 14.61), NGC 7317 (mag. 14.77), and NGC 7320 (mag. 13.56). Also note the faint galaxies NGC 7320C (mag. 16.57) to left of Quintet and KA2295 (mag. 16.30) to far right center of image.

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