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Photographer - Dean Jacobsen
Settings/Equipment - Celestron C-11 f/10 OTA working at f/6.3 w/Meade 0.63 focal reducer, on Losmandy G-11 mount. SBIG ST-7 CCD camera used to take six 15-minute exposures, stacked for total exposure time of 90 minutes.
Location, Date and Time - OCA observing site, Anza, CA; April 9, 2000, first image started at 06:39:54 UT
Other Information - The atmosphere at the time this image was taken was unusually calm with moderately good atmospheric transparency. The stars on the image show the seeing to be approximately 3 arc seconds. All image processing steps (image calibration, image registration, image stacking, etc.) were performed with MIRA AP 6.

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