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The spiral galaxies M81 (just above center) and M82 (top center) in Ursa Major. Spiral galaxies NGC 3077 (center left) and NGC 2976 (lower right) are also visible.

Photographer - Rick Steiner
Settings/Equipment - Astrophysics Traveller refractor (610mm fl, f/5.8); manually guided using a single-axis drive Super Polaris mount; 16 min exposure on Kodak Royal Gold 1000.
Location, Date and Time - 21 June, 1998, 0630 UT; Anza, California
Other Information - Taken under excellent seeing conditions (8/10). Photographer's note: This didn't scan very well, and the autocontrast picked up some photofinishing artifacts. It's kind of a fun shot, however, since NGC 3077 and NGC 2976 are easily visible.

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