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Look Up Tonight with the Orange County Astronomers
Episode 14 contains:
The March 2004 What's Up presentation by Liam Kennedy - Producer of "Look Up Tonight".
The topics covered include the 5 planets visible on March 29th, The Venus / M45 conjunction on April 2nd, the Messier Marathon, the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (including a special video showing the HUDF in detail) and more. The WHat's Up was presented using a live presentation of the planetarium program, Starry Night, which was used in the show with the permission of Space.com.
A special feature on Progress of the Griffith Observatory Renovation. Liam Kennedy received permission from Dr Krupp, Director of the Griffith Observatory, to video tape a private staff tour of the renovation project. This 5 minute presentation highlights the many areas of extensive renovation and construction that are taking place at the historic observatory located in the Hollywood Hills.

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