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It's back! Online access to OCA Meeting Videos
a report by Liam Kennedy, June 9th 2003

Many of you will have noticed how we video tape almost every OCA Meeting at Chapman University. The video taping is done by my wife, Anna Kennedy, and I then usually digitize the video onto my computer and at the same time create VHS tape copies for the OCA library.

For a few years (from 2000-2002) most of these videos were made available for viewing via the OCA's web site. This was made possible through the availability of a free video streaming server from the company that I used to work with. Since I left that company we lost the access to this facility. Ever since that time I have been looking for a way to bring back this service. I would also often get asked (usually at least once or twice at every meeting) by members when the videos would again be available for viewing through the web site.

It is ordinarily very expensive to stream video via the internet (commercial services can charge around $400 per month to host and stream the type of 2 hour meeting videos we have). However due to my own business needs I have now setup my own dedicated server which now allows me to host the OCA's videos at a reasonable cost. This is the main reason why we recently moved the hosting of the OCA's entire web site from our previous hosting company. The OCA's web site is now running on my own dedicated server in a professional hosting company. This server has plenty of hard disk space and access to enough streaming video bandwidth for all our needs.


Over the next few weeks I will be re-installing the archive of prior meetings... but for the time being I am making available a special version of the March OCA Meeting. Instead of just giving access to the video I have created a special version which shows "high resolution slides" that are synchronized to the video. The video resolution often does not quite allow you to see the detail available on the original slides. This new facility will allows you to see the full detail on the original slides.

In order to view this special new version of the meeting you MUST be using the latest RealONE player software from RealNetworks.

You can get this FREE version of their player from their web site - just look for the link to the free player which is at the top right of their home page at http://www.Real.com

If you have an earlier version of the RealOne player (called the Real Player) you will likely be able to view the video but you will not see the high resolution slides.

Note: This facility only works if you have a broadband internet connection (Cable or DSL) it will NOT work if you have a dial-up modem.

View the Video by clicking the image or by clicking here



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Original announcement about the Cable TV program


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