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OCA General Meeting
Friday September 5th, 2014, 7:30 PM
Chapman University
Free and open to public more

Fireworks Lighting Our Universe

Our dynamic Universe is adorned by cosmic fireworks: energetic and ephemeral beacons of light that are a million (nova) to a billion (supernova) times brighter than our sun. Just recently, we have discovered elusive explosions in the gap between novae and supernovae. Come hear about merging white dwarfs, binary neutron stars and the birth of black holes.

Mansi M. Kasliwal

I am originally from Indore, India. I did an undergraduate degree in Applied and Engineering Physics at Cornell University. I did my PhD at Caltech. I am currently a Hubble Fellow and Carnegie-Princeton Fellow at Carnegie Observatories. I will be starting my new position as a professor in Astronomy at Caltech in 2015.

"What's Up?" in this month will be presented by John Garrett

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