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Anza Notebook

#8 -- April 1999: "Anza House"

March was clean-up and drapery month for Anza House. Lead by Karen Caldwell several OCA members participated in a rod and drape day during the March star party. Russell Sipe, Dave Hobbs, and John (last name?) were the rod hangers while Sandy (last name?) and Karen Caldwell prepared and hung the drapes. Anwar (last name?) and several others did general cleaning. Lea Dawson prepared an award winning chili dinner for the workers. A boom box provided oldies and, as they say, a good time was had by all.

Earlier in the month Karen brought Jeff Harvey, a fellow worker at Quest Environmental where Karen is marketing director, to sanitize Anza House and make sure we were clear of any potential hantavirus threat. Thanks to Karen, Jeff, and Quest Envirornmental for the donation of their time.

Each month Anza House is looking better and better as our volunteers apply liberal elbow grease to the situation. Thanks to all who have helped.

Photos this month are by Karen Caldwell.


Russell Sipe tries to get the hang of hanging rods.He seems to like it.
Dave "Shorty" Hobbs (6''7" give or take a foot) splits his time between hanging rods and fooling unsuspecting people by "accidently" banging his head into overhangs. Dave is standing on a step stool. He's tall, but he's not THAT tall.
Sandy irons the curtains while Russell does the Macarana in the background.
Jeff Harvey of Quest Environmental sanitizes the kitchen.
Smile, Jeff.



Anza Notebook

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