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Anza Notebook
By Russell Sipe

#2 -- April 1998 -- DAY HIKE

Taking a walk along the roads around the OCA site can be a nice diversion during the day. The dirt road leading east from the Upper Pad Area makes for a pleasant walk. One day I decided to take a walk northeast from the OCA site. Warning: The access gate to the area in question is posted "No Trespassing".


Bush Pine -- About a quarter mile from the site this facinating old pine tree can be found. The odd bush shape of the tree, some 40 feet high, seems to suggest that something, perhaps lightning, has chopped off the top half of the tree, although no such damage is evident on the trunk. The photo looks to the west.



Old Moon -- An old moon can been seen in this shot taken through the branches of the Bush Pine.


The Grass Is Greener -- The ground underneath Bush Pine is a mini oasis of cool green grass. Watch out for snakes in the grass. (grin)



Boulder Field -- Another quarter mile or so down the trail a boulder field rises on the north side of the path.



The Bowling Ball -- The centerpiece of the boulder field looks like a giant bowling ball in this photo. At the lower right corner you can make out the "Chip off the Old Bowling Ball"





The Chip Off the Old Bowling Ball --The entire boulder field is made up of granite boulders and decomposed granite soil. There are many examples of weather erosion on the boulders. This is one of the more dramatic.

Back at the OCA Site




The Fort --This outcropping is west of the OCA property as seen from road boarding the north side of the property. I call it "The Fort".

Close Up of The Fort


Anza Notebook

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