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Episode 6 of Look Up Tonight!
by Liam Kennedy November 2nd 2003

Airing dates/times

Tuesday nights at 11pm on November 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th on COX Channel 31 (30 minutes)

Program contents

  • Highlights from the What's Up from the October 2003 meeting of the OCA at Chapman University
  • Highlights of the presentation by Stephan Edberg of JPL on "Cassini-Huygens Explores the Saturn System" at the OCA's banquet in October.

Program Notes

Usually the show features highlights of the presentations from the OCA Meeting. This moth (October) we had a fantastic presentation by Milke Weasner (of the "Weasner's Mighty ETX" web site. Unfortunately, the rules for Pubic Access Cable content are very strict about the programs being of a noncommercial nature... and although Mikes presentation was far from being a sales-pitch for Meade.. I decided not to risk the program being rejected by COX. I therefore used the presentation by Stephen Edberg of JPL that he gave at the OCA's annual banquet in October. The OCATV SIG did tape the full meeting including Mikes presentation and I may (when I find the time) create a special on-line only version of the meeting.

Program Editing notes.

As is usual... I never quite have the time available that I would like to spend in the post-production editing of the program. I spend about 3 days of work to edit the program from the approximately 2 hours (times 3 tapes) to the 30 minute format of the show. It takes me the most amount of time just in making the decisions about which parts of the presentations to cut out. I really wish that I did not have to do that... as the result of course is the presentation on the TV show is a very much clipped version of the real thing. At some point I would like to go back and re-edit the meetings so that we have the original presentations available with almost no items discarded. Unfortunately THAT will take a lot more time that I just don't have right now.

Luckily COX now trust me to produce a good quality tape to their specification (content and format) so they again allowed me to get it to them very late. I dropped the tape off on Friday October 31st and it is broadcast the following Tuesday.

I managed to get the powerpoint slides for each of the presentations (Chris's What's Up and the talk by Stephen Edberg) and that allowed me to cut in the high resolutions slides rather than rely entirely on the video of the slides.

Credits for Episode 4

For handling the video taping at the meeting...

Jim and Brian Norman, Tom Kucharski

For helping at the studio

Jim and Brian Norman, Tom Kucharski

For providing the studio

Greg Pyros of Pyros Pictures


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