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Episode 2 of Look Up Tonight!
by Liam Kennedy July 30th 2003

Airing dates/times

Tuesday nights at 11pm on July 15, 22, 29 and August 5th 2003

Program contents: 60 Minute program

Highlights from the July 2003 meeting of the OCA at Chapman University
Features the entire main presentation by Dr Randii Wessen of CALTECH JPL on "the Future of US Planetary Exploration"
Introduction piece to the OCA Outreach program showing scenes from the "Night in Fullerton" and the Newport Interpretive Center.
Featuring an image sequence provided by members of the OCA's AstroImagers group.

Below are some stills taken from the video.


Program Notes

This was the very first episode to benefit from direct involvement of members of the newly formed OCA SIG called OCATV. Four OCA members helped with the taping of the June meeting and they were Brian and Jim Norman, Reg Salcido and Steve Condrey.

The introductory / narrative segments were taped for the first time in the studios of Pyros Pictures in Costa Mesa. Greg acted as the Director of Photography and he took charge of the lighting issues. He got the credit as DP on the TV show... apparently something that Greg has been looking to get for some years now. Glad I could have helped out!

The studio segments were taped in front of the Blue-screen that Greg has setup in his studio. In looking for some cool props we came across a half-moon thing that has apparently been used in several Sci-Fi movie special effects. It added a nice feature to the shot.

I had captured various content from a number of Outreach events this year. I managed to use the content in this show. I also taped some content from one of the outreach/presentation events that I run at the Upper Newport Bay Interpretive Center.

I wanted to highlight some of the great astrophotos produced by our members so I asked the AstroImagers group if I could use some of their images on the web site. I assembled a collage of photos into a short (couple of minutes) segment. I think this came out very well and I will definitely be doing more in the future.

Equipment used.

In the taping we used two cameras. One is a SONY TRV900 and the other is a SONY TRV22. The smaller TRV22 has "nighshot" capability that is used when the lights go down in the meeting. This time the lights actually stayed up enough so that we did not need to switch into this mode. We use my own wireless microphone that the speakers wear around their neck.

Program Editing notes.

This is where I spend most of my time each month. It takes quite a while to digitze all the video and then edit it into the final show. I continue to use a product call Vegas Video as the post-production editing tool. This is a great product that allows me a great deal of felxibility in the editing process. I also use a music scoring system called SonicFire PRO. This allows me to score original music to any specific length I choose. I used this to create the audio for the opening disclaimer, the final credits, and the Astrophoto collage.

COX needs the show delivered to them on a special U-Matic 3/4" tape. This is a larger format than the VHS tapes that we all normally use (which are 1/2"). This tape system is more robust that VHS and is what Channel 31 uses on their broadcast equipment. For Episode 1 I had to take my final show that I had recorded back onto Mini-DV tape into their studios and transfer it to a 3/4" format using their equipment. This time around Greg Pyros has allowed me to borrow a 3/4" recorder that he had available. That made the process far easier this time around.




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Original announcement about the Cable TV program


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