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Private Star Party - Orange County
 Monthly Star Party in the OC Parks Open space (Location may vary), open to OCA Members and their guests only. NOTE: The actual time the gate opens may be different from what is shown above. The Orange County star parties generally begin with the opening of the gate about 30 minutes before sundown and close at midnight. Please contact Steve Mizera, the Star Party Coordinator, at mizeras@cox.net for details, and to be put on the OC Star Party mailing list.
Hanukkah begins
Private Outreach - GB Miller Elementary School
 Event: GB Miller Elementary School
Date: Monday, 12/3/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:45 PM

Place: GB Miller Elementary School
Address: 7751 Furman Rd; La Palma
Location: 33°50’57"N, 118°02’02"W

Directions: Take I-5 North towards Los Angeles. Take exit 113C to merge onto CA-91 W/ State Hwy 91W, 3.2 mi. Take exit 22 for Valley View Street towards Orangethrope Ave, .02 mi. Use Left two lanes to turn Left onto Valley View St. Turn Right onto Panama Dr. and then make an immediate Left onto Miller St. The street will turn right and become Thelma Ave., 0.2 mi. Turn Left onto Furman Rd. Shool will be on your right.
Private Outreach - Dale Junior High
 Event: Dale Junior High
Date: Tuesday, 12/4/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:44 PM

Place: Dale Junior High
Address: 900 South Dale; Anaheim
Location: 33°49’10"N, 117°58’55"W

Directions: From North County: Take CA-91 Fwy west to Beach Blvd. Exit to Beach Blvd and go south 2.8 mi to Ball Rd. Turn left onto W Ball Rd; go 0.5 mi. Turn left onto S Dale Ave. School is on the right. Enter blacktop area through gate on south side of the school. From South County: Take I-5 N. Take the Harbor Blvd exit toward Ball Rd; go 0.3 mi. Turn right onto S Harbor Blvd; go 0.1 mi. Turn left onto W Ball Rd; go 4.0 mi. Turn right onto S Dale Ave. School is on the right. Enter blacktop area through gate on south side of the school.
Private Outreach - Lake View Elementary
 Event: Lake View Elementary
Date: Wednesday, 12/5/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:45 PM

Place: Lake View Elementary
Address: 17451 Zeider Lane; Huntington Beach
Location: 33°42’33"N, 117°58’56"W

Directions: Take the CA-55 South toward Newport Beach. Take I-405 North - go 6.1 mi. Take the Warner Ave West exit - go 1.2 mi. Turn left on Newland St - go 0.5 mi. Turn right on Slater Ave - go 0.1 mi. Turn right on Zeider Ln - go < 0.1 mi. School is on the left.
Private Outreach - Bonita Canyon Elementary
 Event: Bonita Canyon Elementary
Date: Thursday, 12/6/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:44 PM

Place: Bonita Canyon Elementary
Address: 1 Sundance Drive; Irvine
Location: 33°38’02"N, 117°48’47"W

Directions: Take the CA-55 south exit towards Costa Mesa Fwy/Newport Beach. Take the I-405 south and exit on Culver D. Turn right on Culver Dr and go 1.4 mi. Turn left on Campus Dr - go 0.4 mi. Turn right on Turtle Rock Dr - go 1.6 mi. Turn left on Sundance.
New Moon
Private Outreach - Utt Middle School
 Event: Utt Middle School
Date: Friday, 12/7/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:44 PM

Place: Utt Middle School
Address: 13601 Browning Ave.; Tustin
Location: 33°44’03"N, 117°48’21"W

Directions: Take CA-55 to I-5 South. Merge onto I-5 South; go 1.6 mi. Exit on Red Hill Ave. Turn left at Red Hill Ave; go 0.3 mi. Turn right at San Juan St; go 0.5 mi. Turn left at Browning Ave. School is on the left.
Beginner's Class
 7:30:00 PM - 9:30:00 PM The 4th session of the Beginners Astronomy Class provides a more indepth explanation of telescopes and how they operate. This is a technical discussion covering the physics behind the telescope. The Beginners Astronomy Class is held at the Heritage Museum of Orange County in Santa Ana. For details, please see the webpage on the Beginners Class, under "About OCA" and "Special Interest Groups". Free and open to the public as well as members of OCA. Note: All people who attend will be invited to one of our monthly star parties at Black Star Canyon as guests. More
Private star party - Anza
Private Outreach - Gisler Elementary
 Event: Gisler Elementary
Date: Monday, 12/10/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:45 PM

Place: Gisler Elementary
Address: 18720 Las Flores Street; Fountain Valley
Location: 33°41’32"N, 117°56’57"W

Directions: Take CA-55 S toward I-405N. Take exit 6A to merge onto I-405 N; go 4.0 mi. Take exit 12 for Euclid St toward Newhope St; go 0.4 mi. Turn right at S Euclid St; go 0.5 mi. Continue onto Ellis Ave; go 0.7 mi. Turn left at Las Flores St and go 0.2 mi. Enter blacktop area off Las Flores.
Private Outreach - Washington Middle School
 Event: Washington Middle School
Date: Tuesday, 12/11/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:44 PM

Place: Washington Middle School
Address: 716 East La Habra Blvd; La Habra
Location: 33°55’50"N, 117°56’21"W

Directions: Take CA-57 North. Take exit 9 to Imperial Hwy. Turn left on Imperial Hwy; go 3.0 mi. Turn right at Harbor Blvd; go 1.0 mi. Turn left at E La Habra Blvd; go 0.3 mi. Turn left on McPherson St and then turn left on the path near the basketball courts.
Private Outreach - Beacon Park Elementary School
 Event: Beacon Park Elementary School
Date: Wednesday, 12/12/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:44 PM

Place: Beacon Park Elementary School
Address: 200 Cultivate; Irvine
Location: 33°41’28"N, 117°44’00"W

Directions: Take CA-133 to Irvine Blvd. From North turn left on Irvine Blvd or from South turn right on Irvine Blvd. Go 0.4 mi to Ridge Valley. Turn right onto Ridge Valley; go 0.1 mi. At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit and stay on Ridge Valley; go 0.3 mi. Turn left onto Benchmark; go 0.1 mi. Continue past Cultivate and enter the gate on the side of the school.
Private Outreach - Danbrook Elementary
 Event: Danbrook Elementary
Date: Thursday, 12/13/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:45 PM

Place: Danbrook Elementary
Address: 320 S Danbrook Dr; Anaheim
Location: 33°49’45"N, 118°00’30"W

Directions: Take CA-91 West to Knott Ave. Exit 23A for Knott Ave. Turn left at Knott Ave; go 2.0 mi. Turn left at W Danbrook Ave; go 0.1 mi.
OCA General Meeting

Meetings are FREE and open to the public, and are held at Chapman University

Club Announcements
Whats Up: See Announcement on Home Page.
Main speaker: See announcement on Home Page
Library: Members can check out books from our extensive collection.

Refreshments: will be available (coffee, donuts, soft drinks, etc.).
Geminid Meteor Shower
1st Qtr Moon
 1st Quarter Moon
Private meeting-Astropysics SIG
 Our Astrophysics group meets to discuss and learn about how the universe works as a seminar group that bases its discussions on topics of interest introduced by the participants and the videos that are shown during the meetings on different aspects of astrophysics. The meetings are held in the classroom at the Heritage Museum of Orange County, located at 3101 W. Harvard Ave., Santa Ana. The museum is located about a half-block west of Fairview; Harvard is about two miles north of the 405 Fwy, between Warner and Edinger. The driveway is at the western end of the museum property; follow it around to the back of the property to the parking area; the classroom faces the parking area. All members are welcome - come join us for a stimulating evening!
Winter Solstice
Full Moon
 Full Moon
Ursid Meteor Shower
Last Qtr Moon
 3rd Quarter Moon
New Year’s Eve

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