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Private Outreach - Cancelled
 Event: Cypress Village Elementary
Date: Thursday, 11/1/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 6:01 PM

Place: Cypress Village Elementary
Address: 355 Rush Lily; Irvine
Location: 33°41’08"N, 117°45’31"W

Directions: Take CA-55 towards I-5 South. Merge onto I-5 South towards San Diego, go 9.5 mi. Take exit 96A for Sand Canyon Ave and make a Left at the stop light. Turn Left onto Nightmist, 03 mi. Then turn Right onto Rush Lily. School will be right in front of you - enter the parking lot and immediate turn right. Gate to the blacktop is furthest right of the parking lot near Rush Lily Ave.
Beginner's Class
 7:30:00 PM - 9:30:00 PM The 3rd session of the Beginners Astronomy Class covers different ways of finding what’s up in the night sky. Special topic is learning the constellations. The Beginners Astronomy Class is held at the Heritage Museum of Orange County in Santa Ana. For details, please see the webpage on the Beginners Class, under "About OCA" and "Special Interest Groups". Download the sample information package. Free and open to the public as well as members of OCA. Note: All people who attend will be invited to one of our monthly star parties at Black Star Canyon as guests. More
Private - Family Astronomy Night
 Event: Family Astronomy Night
Date: Friday, 11/2/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 6:00 PM

Place: Held at Norman P Murray Center
Address: 24932 Veterans Way; Mission Viejo
Location: 33°36’08"N, 117°39’05"W

Directions: Take CA-55 S to I-5 S. Take the I-5 S exit toward San Diego; go 1.1 mi. Merge onto I-5 S; go 13.0 mi. Take exit 89 for La Paz Rd and use the Left two lanes to turn onto La Paz . Keep Left to stay on La Paz Road, 1.5 mi. Turn Left onto Veterans Way. Drive into the Center’s parking lot; set up in the field on the right.
Private star party - Anza
Private Star Party - Orange County
 Monthly Star Party in the OC Parks Open space (Location may vary), open to OCA Members and their guests only. NOTE: The actual time the gate opens may be different from what is shown above. The Orange County star parties generally begin with the opening of the gate about 30 minutes before sundown and close at midnight. Please contact Steve Mizera, the Star Party Coordinator, at mizeras@cox.net for details, and to be put on the OC Star Party mailing list.
Daylight Savings Ends
Private Outreach - Dysinger Elementary School
 Event: Dysinger Elementary School
Date: Monday, 11/5/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:58 PM

Place: Dysinger Elementary School
Address: 7770 Camellia Dr.; Buena Park
Location: 33°50’57"N, 117°59’25"W

Directions: From North: Take CA-91 West to exit 23C for Magnolia Ave. Turn left onto S Magnolia Ave; go 0.8 mi. Turn right onto W La Palma Ave; go 0.9 mi. Turn right onto Camellia Dr; go 0.2 mi. Turn right on Periwinkle to gain access to blacktop area.From South: Take the I-5 Fwy north, exit Brookhurst north. Turn left on La Palma. Take La Palma west, to Camellia Dr. Turn right at Camellia Dr and go one block to Periwinkle (south of school). Turn right on Periwinkle to gain access to blacktop area.
Election Day
Taurid Meteor Shower
Private Outreach - Anaheim Hills Elementary
 Event: Anaheim Hills Elementary
Date: Wednesday, 11/7/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:56 PM

Place: Anaheim Hills Elementary
Address: 6450 East Serrano; Anaheim
Location: 33°49’47"N, 117°45’40"W

Directions: Take CA-55 N towards the 91. Take exit 15 for Katella Ave. Make a Right onto Katella Ave and continue onto Villa Park Rd, 1.3 mi. Villa Park Rd will turn into E Santiago Rd. Turn left onto Cannon St, 0.6mi. Make a Right onto Serrano Ave, 2.2 mi. School will be on your Right. Gate is at the end of the Left parking lot.
New Moon
Private Outreach - McPherson Magnet School
 Event: McPherson Magnet School
Date: Thursday, 11/8/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:55 PM

Place: McPherson Magnet School
Address: 333 S. Prospect St.; Orange
Location: 33°47’01"N, 117°49’04"W

Directions: Merge onto I-405. Take the exit toward CA-55 N; go 0.2 mi. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for CA-55 N and merge onto CA-55 N; go 7.5 mi. Take the Chapman Avenue E exit; go 0.3 mi. Merge onto E Chapman Ave; go 0.6 mi. Turn right onto S Prospect St; go 0.3 mi. School is on the left. The viewing location is on the basketball courts behind the school building
OCA General Meeting

Meetings are FREE and open to the public, and are held at Chapman University

Club Announcements
Whats Up: See Announcement on Home Page.
Main speaker: See announcement on Home Page
Library: Members can check out books from our extensive collection.

Refreshments: will be available (coffee, donuts, soft drinks, etc.).
Private star party - Anza
Veterans Day (Observed)
Private Outreach - Corey Elementary School
 Event: Corey Elementary School
Date: Tuesday, 11/13/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:52 PM

Place: Corey Elementary School
Address: 7351 Holder St.; Buena Park
Location: 33°51’16"N, 118°01’17"W

Directions: Take CA-91 West to Knott Ave. Take exit 23A for Knott Ave then turn left onto S Knott Ave; go 0.2 mi. Take the 1st right onto Houston St; go 0.5 mi. Turn right onto Holder St.; go 400 ft. School is on the left.
Private Outreach - Northwood Elementary
 Event: Northwood Elementary School
Date: Wednesday, 11/14/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:51 PM

Place: Northwood Elementary
Address: 28 Carson; Irvine
Location: 33°42’18"N, 117°46’11"W

Directions: Take the CA-91 West left exit onto CA-55 South toward Los Angeles - go 7.0 mi. Take exit #11A onto I-5 South toward San Diego - go 4.0 mi. Take the Culver Dr exit - go 0.4 mi. Turn left on Culver Dr - go 0.1 mi. Turn right on Trabuco Rd - go 0.7 mi. Turn left on Yale Ave - go 0.3 mi. Turn right on Southwood - go 0.2 mi. Turn right on Colt - go < 0.1 mi. Turn right on Carson - go < 0.1 mi.
1st Qtr Moon
 1st Quarter Moon
Private Outreach - Cerro Villa Middle School
 Event: Cerro Villa Middle School
Date: Thursday, 11/15/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:50 PM

Place: Cerro Villa Middle School
Address: 17852 Serrano Ave; Villa Park
Location: 33°49’12"N, 117°49’11"W

Directions: Take CA-55 to Katella Ave exit. Go east on E Katella Ave; go 0.5 mi. Turn left at N Wanda Rd; go 0.3 mi. Continue on N Santiago Blvd; go 0.5 mi. Turn right at Serrano Ave. Follow Serrano past the school and turn right on Nichols Ave. Entrance gate is on the right past the portables.
Private - Stanton Star Party
 Event: Stanton Star Party
Date: Friday, 11/16/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:50 PM

Place: Stanton Star Party
Address: 10660 Western Avenue; Stanton
Location: 33°48’28"N, 118°00’07"W

Directions: Take CA-55 North and take exit for CA-22 W towards Garden Grove. Follow CA-22 W to Westminster, 8.3 mi. Take exit 7 for Garden Grove Fwy. Turn Right onto Garden Grove Fwy and make an immediate Left onto Western Ave, 2.3 mi. Stanton Central Park will be on your Right.
Private meeting-Astropysics SIG
 Our Astrophysics group meets to discuss and learn about how the universe works as a seminar group that bases its discussions on topics of interest introduced by the participants and the videos that are shown during the meetings on different aspects of astrophysics. The meetings are held in the classroom at the Heritage Museum of Orange County, located at 3101 W. Harvard Ave., Santa Ana. The museum is located about a half-block west of Fairview; Harvard is about two miles north of the 405 Fwy, between Warner and Edinger. The driveway is at the western end of the museum property; follow it around to the back of the property to the parking area; the classroom faces the parking area. All members are welcome - come join us for a stimulating evening!
NEW TIME - OCA Board Meeting
 The regular meeting of the OCA Board has been moved to 11:00 a.m. in the conference room at The Urban Workshop 365 Clinton St A, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. There’s limited parking in the lot but plenty on the street.

All members are welcome to attend, but please contact our Secretary, Alan Smallbone, in advance to let him know you will be attending.
Leonid Meteor Shower
Full Moon
 Full Moon
Private Outreach - Aliso Viejo Middle School
 Event: Aliso Viejo Middle School
Date: Monday, 11/26/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:45 PM

Place: Aliso Viejo Middle School
Address: 111 Park Ave; Aliso Viejo
Location: 33°34’49"N, 117°42’45"W

Directions: Take I-5 South towards San Diego (if taking 405 South, continue to merge onto I-5 South). Take exit 91 towards El Toro Rd. Continue straight onto Paseo De Valencia, 1.8 mi. Turn Right onto Laguna Hills Dr., 0.7 mi. Continue onto Aliso Viejo Pkwy, 0.4 mi. Turn Left onto Cedarbrook, 0.8 mi. School will be on your right.
Private Outreach - Alderwood Elementary School
 Event: Alderwood Elementary School
Date: Tuesday, 11/27/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:45 PM

Place: Alderwood Elementary School
Address: 2005 Knollcrest; Irvine
Location: 33°38’56"N, 117°46’31"W

Directions: Take CA-55 South to I-5 South. Take exit 11A to merge onto I-5 S; go 7.5 mi. Take exit 95 and merge onto CA-133 S; go 1.4 mi. Turn right onto Laguna Canyon Rd; go 0.5 mi. At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto Quail Hill; go 0.3 mi. Turn left onto Knollcrest; go 0.4 mi. School is on the right. Go through the gate at the North end of the parking lot to enter the blacktop area behind the school. The viewing location is on the basketball courts past the volleyball posts.
Private Outreach - Loma Vista Elementary
 Event: Loma Vista Elementary
Date: Wednesday, 11/28/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:45 PM

Place: Loma Vista Elementary
Address: 13822 S Prospect Ave; Santa Ana
Location: 33°45’44"N, 117°49’09"W

Directions: Merge onto I-5 N; go 2.5 mi. Take exit 103A for CA 55 N; go 0.2 mi. Keep left and merge onto CA-55 N; go 1.0 mi. Take exit 12 for 17th St; go 0.3 mi. Turn right onto E 17th St; go 0.5 mi. Turn left onto Prospect Ave; go 0.2 mi. Turn right onto 17th St; go 0.5 mi. Turn left onto Prospect Ave; go 0.2 mi.. Enter the parking lot at the church before (just south of) the school. Enter the gate at the back of the school (from the church parking lot). Cross over the field to the back top area.
Private Outreach - South Lake Middle School
 Event: South Lake Middle School
Date: Thursday, 11/29/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:45 PM

Place: South Lake Middle School
Address: 655 W Yale Loop; Irvine
Location: 33°40’07"N, 117°48’33"W

Directions: Take CA-55 South towards Costa Mesa and take exit 6B for I-405 S, San Diego, 10.5 mi. Take the Right exit for Culver Drive, 2.6 mi. Make a Left onto Culver Drive. Turn Right onto Main St and then Right onto W Yale Loop. Drive past the school (on left) and make a U-Turn at Thunder Run. School will be on your right.
Last Qtr Moon
 3rd Quarter Moon
Private Outreach - Heritage Museum of OC
 Event: Heritage Museum of Orange County
Date: Friday, 11/30/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 4:45 PM

Place: Heritage Museum of Orange County
Address: 3101 W Harvard St; Santa Ana
Location: 33°43’15"N, 117°54’38"W

Directions: Take CA-55 South to 405 N. Merge onto 405 North towards Long Beach. Take the Exit 11 Fairview Rd /Harbor Blvd, keep Right at the fork and follow signs for Fairview Rd. Turn right onto Fairview Rd, 2.2 mi. Turn Left onto West Harvard Rd. The Heritage Museum will be on your right. Turn into the driveway marked for Bus and Employee Entrance and follow it back behind the museum to park.

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