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Minor Planets [donlynn-adj-23710505617358219070443021928-CANON-60sec_2011-11-08_115437-5614-5301Psm]
Asteroids and other small stuff
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Asteroid 2005 YU55

NameSizeDate CreatedViewsRating
 donlynn-adj-23710505617358219070443021928-CANON-60sec_2011-11-08_115437-5614-5301Psm.jpg 70k 11/27/2012 1436 Not Yet Rated (0 Votes)

PhotographerTelescopeCamera UsedCopyright
 Donald S. Lynn Takahashi Epsilon 180mm Canon 50D 2011 Donald S. Lynn

Settings/EquipmentLocation, Date/TimeOther informationOCA Member ID
 stack of 3 1-minute color exposures New Mexico (internet scope), 11/8/11 10:53-:56 pm PST very close flyby of Earth Donald S Lynn
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