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Jupiter Ridge is comprised of seven pads located immediately to the west of Ten Pad Alley. The site was constructed in December 1995. Jupiter Ridge was carved out of a 7 degree slope which required each of the five pads on the south side of the development to be terraced as seen in the photo below. The view is looking to the southwest. Palomar Mountain can be seen on the horizon in the right half of the photo.

The majority of Jupiter Ridge pad holders are Dobsonian users. As a matter of fact, the site was originally called Dob Valley (complete with graphic). From front to back: Russell Sipe, Bob Whiles, and Jon Oetter stand with their 18" Dobsonians.
There are also two pads on the north side of the Jupiter Ridge loop drive. Here Russ and Steph Tanton are set up with their 20" Obsession Dobsonian.
Vance Tyree and Jupiter Ridge's "token" refractor. (grin)



Overhead Satellite

Site Panorama

The Commons ("Football Field", RV Area, "Last Members In" Area)

Anza House

Members Observatories

Jupiter Ridge

Mars Hill

Lower Pad Area

Ten Pad Alley

Observatory Hill

Upper Pad "Yacht Club"

Anza Site Resources



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