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In this virutal tour "The Commons" refers to three areas at the OCA site: The Member's Viewing Area, better known as the "Football Field", the RV Area, and the Late Arrivals (or Last Members In Area). The pads in other areas of the site are licensed to individual club members. These licensees pay an annual fee and, according to the club policy, spend time maintaining "their" pads and the area around the pads. The club monitors the pad areas and notify pad licensees who need to perform maintenance work, or lose their license.

Those who do not have a pad, the great majority of the club membership, can either: (1) use the pad of any licensee who does not show up by dark or (2) set up in one of the common areas named above. On any given star party weekend there can be dozens of cars and scopes set up in these common areas.

A modular residence is being setup in the space between the Football Field and the RV Area. This structure will serve as a sleeping area, warm-up room, kitchen, and storage facility for club members. There may be a full time caretaker resident on the property in the future. If so, they will live in the modular residence.

Club members begin to congregate at the "Football Field" for the evening viewing.
It looks like Dobsonians are going to dominate on this night.
The Late Arrivals Area is that in name only as a number of members prefer to set up there regardless of what time they arrive.
In the RV Area John Lampe stands next to the 8-inch "Optical Craftsman" Newtonian he has owned for 30 years. John also owns a 16-inch Dobsonian.



Overhead Satellite

Site Panorama

The Commons ("Football Field", RV Area, "Last Members In" Area)

Anza House

Members Observatories

Jupiter Ridge

Mars Hill

Lower Pad Area

Ten Pad Alley

Observatory Hill

Upper Pad "Yacht Club"

Anza Site Resources



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